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Boutique mindset,
backed by a Powerhouse

Our Approach

Our firm’s optimal size and nimbleness allows us to provide customized solutions, through a boutique structure and investment philosophy, while benefiting from the financial stability of a leading global diversified management and holding company.

Customized Solutions

We think beyond products. Our consultative approach allows us to develop customized and innovative solutions for clients, delivering an exceptional level of personalized service.

Boutique Structure & Distinct Investment Philosophies

Our firm's autonomous boutique structure allows each investment team to have their expertise and views fully reflected in their portfolios, identifying and encouraging each team’s performance edge. 

Backed by the Strength of a Powerhouse

Our firm benefits from the financial stability of a global diversified management and holding company, while maintaining an entrepreneurial culture and independent thinking.

Featured Insights

Enhancing Return and Reducing Risk with Currency Hedging

This paper considers different approaches to managing foreign currency exposure and outlines Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team's investment philosophy.

Gaining an Edge in International Small Caps

In this article, Institutional Investor speaks with Mackenzie’s European and International Equities team, on the pursuit of unappreciated and under-valued companies in Europe and Asia.

Featured Strategies

Emerging Markets All Cap Equity

We seek to provide long-term capital appreciation by applying a quantitative, bottom-up stock selection investment process, based on fundamental insights, to a broad emerging market universe.

Power Pacific China A-Shares

Power Pacific implements a long-term, fundamentals-based strategy focused on China’s public equity markets. Power Pacific's focus is on business sustainability over the long term. Power Pacific believes its edge is its private-equity approach to public markets investing: long-term time horizon, concentrated portfolio, forensic due diligence, and emphasis on corporate citizenship and good governance.